Kaloud Lotus I+ в новых цветах


«Kaloud Lotus I+ Auris® the «Gold Lotus™»

This color is associated with Higher Ideals, Wisdom, and Enlightenment. It inspires knowledge and spirituality.»

gold lotus


«Kaloud Lotus I+ Violis® the «Purple Lotus™»

This color communicates Originality and the kind of Truly Visionary thinking that points us towards a better future. It is a hue that signifies Spiritual Power and Wealth in all its forms.»

purple lotus


«Kaloud Lotus I+ Vertis® the «Green Lotus™»

This color symbolizes nature in all its subtle and varied glory. It represents Tranquility, Abundance, and inner and external Growth.»

green lotus


«Kaloud Lotus I+ Azuris® the «Blue Lotus™»

This color instills Confidence in oneself, and facilitates Connection with others and with the World as a whole. The shade we’ve chosen is Classic, Elegant, and Timeless.»

blue lotus

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